HRES Virtual Workshops

Heartland Renewable Energy Society plans to have virtual workshops as often as time and circumstances permit.

Past Virtual Workshops are listed below with the most recent at the top of this listing.

Metro Energy Center - An Overview of MEC's Protecting the Environment

Kelly Gilbert, director of Metropolitan Energy Center (MEC)  in Kansas City, will give an overview of the history, purpose and current goals and projects at MEC, which is the region’s only nonprofit dedicated to reducing the impact of both buildings and transportation on our environment and climate. She will introduce us to its updated Sustainable Transportation and Building Performance programs, talk about current projects related to electrification, alternate fuels, diesel emission reduction, building performance benchmarking, and healthy homes.

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Sustainability - What Does It Mean?

Chet, an HRES Board member, will guide us through the true meaning for us and for Planet Earth of sustainability. We have all come to understand (hopefully) that the Earth is a planet of limited resources. We must discover how to meet our food, products, and transportation needs using renewable, reusable, zero waste and carbon dioxide emitting processes. Chet will break this down for us in our daily lives.

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What is a Home Energy Audit?

What is a Home Energy Audit? Who do you call? How do you prioritize work on your home? Are there programs to help pay for it? These questions and more will be answered in this webinar that will cover the concepts and process in the professional energy auditing industry. We'll touch on the goals energy professionals have in mind while they comb a home for energy deficiencies. Plus we'll show some examples of common issues in our homes across the region.

Presented by Mary English of the Metropolitan Energy Center

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Dan Chiras presents his latest book: "Grow Lettuce in Your Living Room"

Feed your family from your indoor LED Hydroponic Garden - Join us as Dan explains how

THE PRESENTATION: If you want to be more food self-sufficient, eat pesticide-free veggies, save time and money, an indoor LED passive hydroponics garden may be just what the doctor ordered. In this webinar, Dan Chiras will describe how you can produce a ton of produce including microgreens in your home in one-quart canning jars, self-watering containers, 3-gallon buckets, and microgreen trays. You'll learn how to set up a simple system, the type of nutrients you will need, and the type of grow lights that will produce the best results.

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EV Basics and Industry Trends Including User Experience

Over the past year, traditional automakers have joined the electric vehicle (EV) revolution by pledging over $50 billion towards domestic research and manufacturing by 2025.  Between strong support from both industry and the federal government, the winds of change are not just blowing…they are roaring.

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Long-Duration Energy Storage & Green Hydrogen Video

As we move our way into 21st century energy solutions, we are likely to experience an energy future that few of us have considered. Joe Spease will examine two of these new areas of discovery and innovation. What issues will energy storage and hydrogen solve in our energy portfolio? When will such solutions be available?

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Grow with Solar Year-Round in a Chinese Greenhouse

This virtual workshop features Dan Chiras, Author of " The Chinese Greenhouse", as he explains how to build and use these unique structures to provide food for your family without the need for commercial heating or cooling energy. Grow food year-round, including warm weather vegetables, using only solar energy.

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Going Solar the Right Way

If you are planning to GO SOLAR, join HRES President Ken Riead and HRES Past President Craig Wolfe to make sure all your bases are covered. HRES is partnering with the Climate Council of Greater Kansas City for this presentation.

Whether you are building a home or installing a solar energy system, there are details that many people are not aware of. Join us to better understand how to make sure you are getting the most out of Solar Energy. Learn solar and energy fundamentals, how to claim the residential renewable energy tax, check out the benefits available from utilizing an energy mortgage, understand where the solar modules (panels) were manufactured and the terms of their warranty, understand the difference between grid-connected solar energy systems versus standalone solar systems, how to compare bids and installation options, how to make your electric vehicle (EV) part of your solar installation, and more.

Presentation Info: Going Solar the Right Way

Green Residential Construction Programs - A Comparison

Join energy instructor Sharla Riead for an overview of some of the most popular standards for building energy-efficient homes.

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There is More Going on with Wind and Solar Than We Realize!!

Recording from the Virtual Workshop on
Tuesday, January 12, 6:30 pm 

Updated talk from December, 2019, on industrial wind and solar and how they have grown to be key players in the energy market.

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Changes in Passive Solar Construction

A Virtual Journey From Wolfe One to Today

Recorded Saturday, November 21, 2020

A presentation by past HRES President Craig Wolfe on his energy journey with lessons learned along the way.

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Energy Mortgage Virtual Workshop

Join Ken Riead as he explains how the energy mortgage process works using information from Bob Solger’s home, which was featured in the previous HRES virtual workshop. Ken is joined by Shauna Zahner, the designer of Bob’s home, and by Sharla Riead for technical software support and her energy expertise.

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Everything Solar

A Virtual Tour of Bob Solger's Home

Bob Solger PhotoBob Solger, owner of the Solar Design Studio, will present "Everything Solar" using his recently completed home as an example.

Bob has been involved in solar system design and installation for many years and has used his expertise to build an advanced solar home.

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