Heartland Renewable Energy Society
Co-Sponsors a Virtual Workshop

Rebates & Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

Speakers - Bill Griffith, Bill Roush, Sharla & Ken Riead

Monday, December 12, 7:00 pm CST

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THE PRESENTATION: The Inflation Reduction Act can take a big bite out of fossil fuel use, with rebates and tax credits for equipment that efficiently uses electricity in our homes. As individuals, our timely use of these opportunities can bolster our nation’s credibility as leaders for climate protection. And savings from these new technologies can help our household budgets to better withstand inflation and drought impacts on food prices.

This program aims to support our readiness to buy electric vehicles, solar panel systems (for homes or nonprofit organizations), battery storage, heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, and electric ranges. Energy audits, weatherization, and insulation will also be discussed. The speakers will be ready to lead discussion of practical aspects of choosing and using these technologies.


Bill Griffith - Energy Chair of the Thomas Hart Benton Group of the Sierra Club

Bill Roush - Retired from the Black & Veatch Renewables group

Sharla Riead - Owner of Hathmore Technologies, LLC and the EnergySmart Institute

Ken Riead - Retired but still active as an online instructor for the EnergySmart Institute 


More Info:

Bill Griffith is the Energy Chair of the Thomas Hart Benton Group of the Sierra Club. He is on the Climate Protection Plan Steering Committee for the city of Kansas City, Missouri. He formerly has served as Chapter Chair of the Kansas Sierra Club along with various other positions.

Bill Roush is retired from the Black & Veatch Renewables group. While at B&V he was a Project Manager assisting solar developers with Interconnection Applications. He also was the utility scale solar plant warranty manager. Bill has an undergraduate degree in Urban Affairs and an MBA from UMKC. He was the founding Director of the Metro Energy Center for the City of Kansas City, Missouri. Bill is currently a Board member of the Climate and Energy Project and the Mainstreet Credit Union.

Ken Riead is retired but still active as an online instructor for the EnergySmart Institute. He served as the Energy Administrator for the City of Independence, MO and Commercial Energy Consultant for the Board of Public Utilities of Kansas City, KS. Ken developed the initial standards for home energy auditors and raters for the U.S. Department of Labor. Ken is a chartered ‘Legend in Energy’ and a lifetime member of the Association of Energy Engineers. Ken is currently the President of the Heartland Renewable Energy Society.

Sharla Riead is the owner of Hathmore Technologies, LLC and the EnergySmart Institute.  Sharla is the lead instructor for the online and on-demand courses at EnergySmartInstitute.com which range from professional certification and continuing education courses to general interest courses in the fields of energy and environmental conservation, building science, indoor air quality, and solar energy.   Sharla started her company in 1979 and has worked with hundreds of homeowners, builders, code officials, program implementers, and energy professionals to improve the energy efficiency of the nation's building stock.  Sharla is the past president of the Heartland Renewable Energy Society and is an International Code Council Preferred Education Provider.

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