HRES Presents a Virtual Workshop

Long-Duration Energy Storage and Green Hydrogen

Presented by Joe Spease
As we move our way into 21st century energy solutions, we are likely to experience an energy future that few of us have considered. Joe Spease will examine two of these new areas of discovery and innovation. What issues will energy storage and hydrogen solve in our energy portfolio? When will such solutions be available.  Join us on December 18 to find the answers to these and other questions.
Joe Spease, President and CEO of WindSoHy, is an executive known for his expertise on Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) and renewable hydrogen. His unique idea is to combine CAES with wind power to create renewable baseload power; and combine wind power with electrolysis to make renewable hydrogen fuel. He has provided expert testimony on energy storage policy to DOE and FERC, and consulted on CAES with scientists at Sandia Labs, NREL and Brookhaven. He's provided expert testimony for state legislative energy committees, published articles, and been a speaker at energy forums and conferences. Before starting WindSoHy, Joe Spease was President of Pristine Power, developing wind, solar, and hydrogen projects for a major telecommunication company, and a refinery and fertilizer plant.

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