HRES Virtual Workshop "Everything Solar" 

Bob Solger

By Bob Solger

Saturday, June 20, 10:00 am

Reply to Craig Wolfe to confirm your attendance and receive instructions to virtually attend.

Heartland Renewable Energy Society has been on sabbatical during the COVID-19 crisis, but we are getting back into the swing of things with a great “Virtual HRES Workshop!”

Bob Solger, owner of the Solar Design Studio, will present “Everything Solar” using his recently completed home as an example.  We will gather for this informative workshop using Zoom, one of the most utilized platforms for remote and virtual learning during our current crisis. (Don’t you wish you had bought stock last February.)

Bob and Nickie Solger’s Platte County home will demonstrate his solar system with back up battery storage, all situated on and in his outbuilding, garage/office space next to the house.

HRES featured a tour/workshop of Bob and Nickie’s home under construction a few years ago…but now all is completed, and we wanted to give our members a chance to see the end result. Bob will discuss how the construction and orientation of his passive solar home complements and makes it possible to completely power the home from his solar and battery installation. He will be able to show his system and explain how it operates. Bob will also be able to take questions from participants after his presentation.

Everything Solar is a strategy that enables you to maximize your investment in solar by using solar energy more efficiently to power your home or building.  Everything Solar is not product or technology independent; it is the proper application of product and technology. By focusing on comprehensive solar technology solutions, we demystify concepts such as the Smart Home and the Internet of Things (IOT), making them more accessible and understandable to solar consumers like you.

The Everything Solar process involves the following:
•    Analysis of historic usage
•    Properly sizing a system
•    Properly designing a system
•    System installation
•    Smart energy usage - consumption monitoring
•    Smart home abilities through solar technology
•    Energy storage for self-consumption and backup power
•    Solar and electric vehicles
•    Return on investment analysis

Please join us via Zoom session on Saturday June, 20 (summer solstice) at 10;00 am. Think of the carbon we will save.  More details on how this will work coming soon!!

Be sure to RSVP to Craig Wolfe to obtain your Zoom session link