I have been interested and involved in both energy conservation and renewable energies for over 40 years. I have designed and built passive solar homes both for myself and others since the early 1980’s. I have a degree from the Salt Lake School of Design in Salt Lake City, Utah….where I learned drafting, space planning, and the importance of helping a client get the best use of space possible while honoring a budget.

I worked for 9 years with Stitt Homes in northwest Arkansas. Their specialty was extremely energy efficient passive and active solar homes. Through Stitt Homes I learned about structural components of home building and how to put them together to make a very tight, energy efficient home. With my knowledge of building techniques and materials…. and great planning to orient the house to the sun, I am able to help folks achieve near zero-energy homes.

I have a sincere desire to increase the use of energy efficiency, conservation, and sustainable building strategies for all of our buildings, whether new or remodeled. I do freelance design, drafting, and consultation for anyone wishing to build or remodel a home with energy efficiency and solar in mind.

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