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Upcoming Workshops and Tours

Heartland Renewable Energy Society Presents
Future of "The Grid" and the Southwest Power Pool
Saturday, June 18, 10:00 am
JoCo Central Resource Library,
Carmack Rm, 9875 W 87th, OP, KS

Jay CasparyJay Caspary, Southwest Power Pool's (SPP) Director of Research, Development & Tariff Services, will provide an overview of the electric transmission network in the heartland of the U.S., share highlights of a recent study quantifying the actual benefits of SPP transmission expansion during the first year of its new Integrated Marketplace, and talk about the impacts of the Clean Power Plan, as well as a new DOE-funded Interconnection Seams Study.

The SPP is the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission-approved independent grid operator across all or parts of 14 states in the U.S. plains ensuring that wholesale bulk power system is secure, reliable and economically efficient. Both an opportunities and challenges have resulted from increasing penetrations of renewable resources, including wind and solar farms; environmental regulations affecting base-load coal and gas-fired generators; as well as aging infrastructure and the future grid. SPP’s footprint has recently expanded north to the Canadian border with the integration of the WAPA/Basin Integrated System last fall. As a result, SPP is the western edge of the Eastern Interconnection which has weak, aging back-to-back HVDC ties to the western grid of the U.S. SPP has approved significant transmission expansion to date to maintain reliability standards, facilitate renewable integration and improve grid efficiencies.

Jay Caspary joined SPP in 2001 after almost a 20 year career at Illinois Power/Dynegy. At SPP, Jay has been responsible for Engineering in support of regional planning and transmission development. In early 2013, Jay completed a one-year assignment at the DOE’s Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability in DC as a Senior Policy Advisor to help with grid modernization efforts and research priorities. In this current position, Jay facilitates efforts to help SPP staff, members and stakeholders create and manage R&D projects, develop staff skills and resources, evaluate new tools, improve processes and provides oversight of all customer-initiated service requests related to generation interconnections, physical and financial transmission services, as well as delivery point additions.

See you Saturday, June 18

Craig Wolfe - President

For those without...
access to an energy audit/retrofit program,
access to expertise, or
access to resources to purchase energy efficiency,

The Heartland Renewable Energy Society Presents...

The Clipboard Home Energy Checklist
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The Heartland Renewable Energy Society supports clean and sustainable energy through:

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  • Supporting Businesses on the Cutting Edge of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Energy Conservation
  • Tracking Energy Legislatio
The Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy www.dsireusa.org is a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility, and selected federal incentives that promote renewable energy. The info includes many of the new Federal solar and conservation incentives passed with the new Energy Policy Act of 2005. Also, the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy has a great book and lists of conservation incentives.
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All of the activities of the Heartland Renewable Energy Society - the Energy Solutions Homes Tour, Workshops, Newsletter, Website, Email Lists, Presentations, and Educating, Monitoring, and Reporting of Legislative Activities - are performed by volunteers who feel strongly about the imperative of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sensible sustainable development.

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