The Lives of Batteries at Project Living Proof

This event was held at the Project Living Proof demonstration home at 917 Cleaver II Blvd., Kansas City, Missouri.

Frank Jakob

Presenter: Frank Jakob

The Lives of Batteries

For our next HRES workshop, we will be meeting with the Green Drinks folks at the Metropolitan Energy Center’s sustainable demo home, Project Living Proof, to talk about battery technology. Most of us are familiar with the uses of batteries for motor vehicles and energy storage, but what about how these batteries are sourced on the front end and recycled or re-used on the back end?

Frank Jakob from Black and Veatch will talk with us about the geography of materials that go into battery technology, where they are assembled, and the scalability of this for expanded future use. Then how are these batteries recycled or re-used. We’ll be skipping over current uses of batteries, focusing entirely on their sustainability as the technology grows and expands.

In addition, we’ll be taking a tour of Project Living Proof, a one-of-a-kind eco-friendly home to see and experience all of its green updates. We’ll also take a special look at the solar battery storage system that helps power the home.

About the Speaker

Frank Jakob is responsible for Energy Storage technology within the Power division of Black & Veatch. Seeking to add storage to renewable energy generation to manage the periodicity and intermittency of solar and wind and ocean energy sources. Also applying storage to conventional generation options to increase efficiency and decrease emissions for gas turbines, diesel engines, etc. Frank project manages Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) of Energy Storage Systems for Industry, Utility, and Government customers.