Bob Grove & Emily Libla

Reduce and Sequester: It Takes Two.

The mission of the Climate Council of Greater Kansas City is, “To educate, partner and advocate for solutions that reverse global warming.”  Their goal is to support and expand the important work already happening in the KC metro area through partnering with individuals, organizations, businesses, legislators and others who are taking meaningful, effective action.  CCGKC has created a website and calendar to enable those already working on environmental issues to join forces more easily.  They offer free educational programming designed to inspire action in the community, and are engaged in advocacy to support bold change at the local and regional level.  Everyone is needed, and everyone has a role to play.  By joining together, we can more effectively address the most important issue facing us today, and create healthy, just and sustainable KC area communities.

Reduce and Sequester: It Takes Two presents an introduction to the latest research on global warming, then examines solutions that both reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and remove excess carbon from the atmosphere through sequestration.  We must do both to successfully address the challenge of global warming. Come learn more about how you can join with others in taking concrete, effective actions to reverse global warming and create healthy, sustainable KC area communities.


Bob Grove, President of the Climate Council, is a professional grassroots organizer, an environmental activist and an advocate for clean energy, mass transit and sustainable food choices.  He has worked for many metro area organizations including the Deportation Defense Legal Network (Director), SwingLeft KS03 (Co-Chair), Legal Observer of Greater Kansas City (Founder), THB/Missouri Sierra Club (Legislative Chairman), Council of Progressive Political Groups of Greater Kansas City (Director), the Brent Welder for Congress campaign (Outreach Director), and ACLU’s People Power KC.

Emily Libla is a founding board member and Director of Educational Programming for the Climate Council of Greater Kansas City.  She also is an educator and has been active in promoting social justice and sustainable living for over 20 years.  She is a member of the 350KC planning committee, and a Program Facilitator for the Pachamama Alliance, leading Drawdown Initiative Workshops across the KC Metro area, with the goal of inspiring community-level action to reverse global warming.