Road Trip to MARET Center at Crowder College

On April 27, 2019 attendees jumped on a bus and headed to the MARET Center at Crowder College. The Missouri Alternative and Renewable Energy Technology Center (MARET Center) was opened in 2012. It is a LEED Platinum Certified building, powered by both a 150 foot wind turbine and solar panels. It has a radiant heating and cooling system, and much, much more.

Andrew Poor will be our host for the tour. He is the Sustainable Energy Instructor at Crowder College. He is very knowledgeable on the topics of sustainability and energy, AND very excited about our coming to the MARET Center. The MARET Center is a great training program. Here are some of the features on our tour:

  • The Center has a 55 kw of Hybrid PV/Thermal panels, and was awarded a patent for their design!
  • The Center has two deep-well geothermal systems.
  • The Center was built with ICFs and SIP systems.
  • The Center has radiant heating AND cooling (a tough ask in our climate).
  • We will see two of their homes, which were entered in the Solar Decathlon, updated to include more recent technologies. They have another entry under construction, but it is off site (perhaps we can get a report and slides!).
  • Andrew will also show off two solar race cars that have competed around the world…
  • as well as a 1979 Renault electric car being refurbished.

This will be a fun and educational Road Trip.