SunSource Explains Solar and HRES Package Deal

10:00 am
SunSource Offices
322 Southwest Blvd, Suite 200, Kansas City, MO 64108

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Presenter: Kurt Osburn

WOW!! There’s a lot to be covered in this workshop! Find out what is really involved in going solar and what you need to know. Plan on spending some time and learning a lot. Join us on Saturday, June 30, 10:00 am at SunSource offices

SunSource offers a full array of solar PV services, with field experts on staff to manage all aspects of the project, including architecture, structural engineering, construction, installation, and long-term monitoring and support. SunSource also offers energy storage, net-zero architecture, construction and net-zero home designs. A collaborative approach and attention to each project’s unique circumstances, combined with a comprehensive 25-year warrantied commitment to energy production and service, make us a leader in customer satisfaction.

The Workshop

Learn how you can use clean, renewable solar energy to save yourself money, increase your home’s value, and take a big chunk out of your carbon footprint.

All about net-zero architecture. We’re excited to show you our beautiful, net-zero space that generates all the energy we need to operate! We’ll show you some of our net-zero home designs, and talk about some of the techniques we use to reach optimal energy efficiency.

How does solar work? An overview of solar systems, grid-tying solar with electric companies. We’ll also cover the basics of what makes a property compatible with solar.

What is the environmental impact of solar? We’ll touch on the environmental benefits of going solar both locally and globally.

Solar equipment – explained. What types of equipment are out there, and the pros and cons of the various types of systems.

How much does solar cost and how much money can I save? We will discuss what impacts the cost of going solar and how that translates into you saving money. Isn’t solar expensive? Most people are surprised (and delighted) to learn that they can go solar without spending any extra cash. We’ll show how financing a system costs little if anything up front, and starts putting money in your pocket within just a couple of years.

How to save now with an HRES group buy. We would love to help members of HRES go solar. By pooling your resources with other members of HRES, we can offer group pricing that would otherwise not be possible. Bring your electric bills and we will be happy to give you a free preliminary analysis.

The Tour – SunSource Homes Offices

The Challenge: We wanted to fit as much solar power as we could in our building! The building is all-electric. There is no gas service. We wanted to provide as close to 100% of all our energy needs through the use of solar as we possibly could.

The Solution: We designed the building with a shed roof to accommodate the maximum amount of solar panels that could fit in the building. We sloped the roof to the southwest for the best solar exposure and installed 107 LG solar panels with a total system rating of 32,100 Watts. We achieved our goal of 100% power from solar, making us the only net zero office space in downtown Kansas City. We produce more power than we consume throughout the year including power for all heating, cooling, water heating, computers, office equipment, lights, a full size employee kitchen, and everything else needed to run a modern office.

How: Come and find out where we implemented energy efficiency measures and where we found producing our own power was the less expensive choice. Featuring a “work in progress” tour of our top floor office expansion, you will see behind the drywall where all the magic happens in transforming a 100 year old building into a super-efficient modern net zero office space. Followed by a comprehensive discussion of solar and net zero building practices in our current office space.